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An Exploration of a Socio-Cultural Approach Using Significant Variables of Pattern Language Amongst Iranian Experts of Environmental Design

The researcher considered the possibility of a relationship existing between Pattern Language and the field of Environmental Design that would arrive at a correlation model of "A Pattern Language for Environmental Design". The research method was a survey implemented to collect data from 129 MS (related to the Environmental Design field) graduates and students studying at various universities in Tehran. The sampling method was based on stratified random sampling. A 49-item questionnaire was used to collect data and the reliability of all subscales was more than 0.80 estimated by the Cronbach alpha test. Hierarchical Confirmatory Factor Analysis was used to analyse data by LISREL 8.72 software. The results of the analysis statistically confirmed the correlation model of "A Pattern Language for Environmental Design". While all correlations between pattern language components and their counterpart indicators were statistically significant, the correlation between the socio-cultural dimension and environmental design was the most powerful relationship in the model.
سالن 1- حقیقی, مقاله, شهر اسلامی - ایرانی
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