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Ecotourism and Geo-Tourism Capabilities for Tourism Sustainable Development: Evidences from Qeshm Geo-Park

Qeshm Island is the biggest non independent island of the world which, with its considerable capacities, can become one of the important tourism centers. Eco tourism and geo tourism are two prominent features of this touristic island in order to attract foreign tourists. In addition to serve the domestic natural tourists, it can pave the ground for attracting foreign tourists. One of the most important efforts, in this term, has been construction of Qeshm's Geo-park developed for geo-tourism development. The current research is intended to study the Geo-tourism capabilities and attractions of Qeshm Island. Also, the impact of this capability on tourism development of Qeshm Island will be considered. A survey research method and field studies were used to obtain the results. SWOT technique helps the authors to analyze weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats which have extracted from the context. Finally, strategies for development of tourism in Qeshm Island will be investigated considering the SWOT outputs.
سالن 1- حقیقی, مقاله, زیست شهری پایدار
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