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  ارزیابی برنامه ریزی مشارکتی در تدوین CDS شاهرود
This paper seeks to implement an evaluation process to identify main strengths and weaknesses of stakeholder participation in implementation of City Development Strategy in Shahroud. The research applies qualitative analysis based on assessment criteria derived from theories of communicative planning, in order to identify main obstacles in participation of stakeholders. Participatory planning process is assessed based on inclusiveness, in terms of involvement of different stakeholders, and consensus building regarding the common agreement among inconsistent perspectives of participants. Results of the analysis shows that Shahroud CDS has succeeded to establish a participatory process to some extent, but so many principles such as participation of urban poor, women, youth and NGOs or the challenge of trust among participants from public and private sectors are still lacking.   

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  • نویسنده (نویسندگان): نوید مسجدی، الدوز نژادی
  • دسته: اقتصاد شهری, مقاله
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